Structural composition of cold rolling mill

The cold rolling mill consists of a working mechanism and a transmission mechanism, among which: ① The working mechanism consists of a frame, rolls, roll bearings, roll adjustment mechanisms, guide devices, rolling seats, etc.

The cold rolling mill is composed of working mechanism and transmission mechanism, of which:

(1) The working mechanism is composed of frame, roll, roll bearing, roll adjustment mechanism, guide device, rolling seat and other parts.

(2) The transmission mechanism is composed of gear base, reducer, roll, coupling shaft, coupling and other parts.

Rolling Mill Introduction:

The gantry type horizontal double active rolling mill is composed of two active rolling mills, the installation mode and structure of the two rolling mills are the same, and the main transmission part adopts the structural form of "motor → reducer →universal shaft → rolling mill". Both rolling mills are horizontal rolling mills, rolls are installed horizontally, rolling mills adopt gantry archway, roll ring set on the roll spindle, nut fixed, both ends of the roll spindle are equipped with bearing seats, loaded into the middle of the gantry, the bearing seat and the gantry archway frame are installed together, the roll is fixed horizontally in the middle of the gantry, and the upper and lower rolls are installed in the same way. A reduced diameter rolling mill flattens the raw materials, extrudes the ribbed steel bar with a crescent moon after the second forming rolling mill, twists the guide to adjust the rolling parts to achieve a rolling oval rolling piece after rolling, twists 90° into the second rolling forming rolling mill, and rolls out the finished steel bar.